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The Role of Sustainable Energy in Business

In today's business world, sustainable energy solutions have transformed from being mere luxuries to becoming vital components that businesses cannot afford to ignore. Commercial building owners, state and local governments, and vehicle fleet managers are now expected to prioritize the provision of clean energy to their employees and patrons. The failure to embrace sustainable energy practices can have far-reaching consequences.

PLEMCo stands out as a trusted partner in meeting these expectations. Our unwavering commitment to delivering reliable and environmentally friendly energy solutions has earned us the trust and confidence of businesses across diverse sectors. They recognize the significant impact that clean energy has on creating a greener future, benefiting both the planet and the financial bottom line.



20 years of expertise

Founded in 2003, we were early-to-market as a clean energy solutions provider to both Federal and Local governments and have established ourselves as an expert in the fields of retrofitting existing properties with clean energy solutions as well as providing new construction projects with everything from EV charging stations to LED lighting and energy-saving window film.

In 2011, we were awarded the General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule (GSA MAS). Being a GSA contractor lets us bid on Federal jobs by proving the legitimacy of our operation.



Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs...

Considered the most important building erected in Century City, the Fox Plaza is an imposing force in the area's mini-skyline. Located on 20th Century Fox property, the 34-story building has over 900,000 square feet of office space. Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan occupied a penthouse on the 34th floor and the building  served as centerstage in the 1988 movie "Die Hard." PLEMCo retrofitted the lighting resulting in saving of nearly 550 kiloWatts and $410,000+ annually in electricity alone. Additional A/C savings were realized with less heat being generated from the upgraded lighting. 


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We provide clean energy solutions to government and commercial entities in order to help reduce carbon emissions and save on energy costs.


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