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EV Supply Equipment 

We provide you with the most technologically advanced smart network of 4GLTE cloud based custom charging solutions for any business. From public commercial sites to private apartment complexes and fleet management, we can build the best solution for your needs.  We can design your intelligent networked software to provide the best solution including:

  • Control who charges on your stations and when
  • Set specific pricing for specific drivers and groups
  • Generate usage reports and gas savings data
  • Get remote station services support
  • Configure station settings and operational controls
  • Display real-time station availability on our map
  • Manage ROI, energy usage, and costs
  • Receive 24/7 remote support for drivers
  • Take advantage of comprehensive driver services including our mobile app
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Building your own line of branded EV charging stations? Our hardware and software systems are a fast, efficient way to connect your EV stations.  You gain access to innovative software, proven professional services, billing and payment processing infrastructure, and 24×7 west coast based driver support center. It’s the fastest way to increase your product value and gain the visibility of thousands of EV drivers.

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What you get

  • Several custom turnkey integration options to choose from
  • Professionally managed services that guide you through the on-board process to live production
  • GPS maintenance and manufacturing warranty services designed around best practices
  • Marketing  tools including collateral, co-branding, social media, and case studies
  • Sales training, support, referral programs, networking, follow-up, and more
  • Your choice of a station-to-network software license, or a license royalty fee
  • PCI compliance for credit card payment processing
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We are Committed to Open Standards

  • Open Protocol (OP) /Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is an open communication standard that allows charging stations and central systems from different vendors to easily communicate with each other.
  • We strongly believe that open networks mean a better experience for everyone who’s building or using today’s electric vehicle ecosystem.  We are a longtime supporter of OP/OCPP, and we’re committed to building solutions that work with open standards for electric vehicle charging; therefore, all of our network hardware and software is OP/OCPP compliant.