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Water saving and recycling

Whether in the home or in the office, the largest opportunities for saving water are in improving Faucets, Toilets, and their leaks. Appropriate retrofitting of these components can easily amount to 30% or more water savings per person, without any change in behavior.


Solar energy installations

Solar energy installations enjoy similar benefits as lighting efficiency retrofits: reduced electricity bill, as well as possible incentives from both the local utilities and federal tax incentives. A combination of efficiency improvements and Solar, Wind, or Geothermal bundled into a package that is financed can pay for itself out of its own savings resulting in NO out of pocket costs, while the value of building and the comfort will have immediately improved.


Cool roof reflective coatings

Cool roofs are highly reflective, highly emissive roofing materials that stay 50 to 60 degrees F cooler than a normal roof under a hot summer sun. Cool roofs can cut building owners' energy costs. Because cool roofs gain less heat than normal roofs, they reduce the need for air conditioning making buildings more comfortable to the people inside.


We Also Offer

Outdoor efficient lighting

Exterior lighting is even a better candidate for reduced energy and maintenance costs than interior lighting. Either HID or Fluorescent fixtures can be converted to LED lighting for far lower energy usage. With life expectancy of 10-20 years, exterior LED lighting will save just as much or more in reduced maintenance costs as the energy costs. The new system will be dimmable and programmable for even more savings.


Building controls

The modern lighting control system is more than just relay panels and hardware. It is a completely digital, integrated system that will lower your operating expenses. By simply turning off unneeded lighting, energy consumption is reduced as much as 40% - 50%.


Air conditioning optimization

Very often the existing HVAC equipment go well out of sync with the operation of the building over long times. Considerable savings and improvements in comfort can be had by deep-optimizing the existing equipment. Recommissioning is commissioning of the existing HVAC equipment AS IF they were new, given the current modes of operation of the building. in addition to lower utility bills and energy consumption, we get extended equipment life, fewer repairs, improved reliability, and comfort. Sensors everywhere: we deploy sensors to tell us where and how much heating, cooling or ventilation the occupants need at any given time, as opposed to assuming the average profile which can also change over time.