Increase Revenue and Reduce Operational Overhead

with Car Charging Stations, Solar Panels,

and Lighting Retro-Fits

Offering Electric Vehicle

(EV) drivers

a convenient place to recharge quickly is a great way to attract new and repeat customers and guests.


Studies have shown that EV drivers tend to be younger than sixty with an annual income above six-figures. 89% of EV drivers typically make a purchase while charging at a retail location while 83% of respondents prefer to shop more frequently at locations that offer EV charging stations.


Benefits of an EV Charge Station

  • Attract new and repeat customers & tenants
  • Increase business revenue
  • Get noticed in the community by offering a needed & valuable service
  • Establish your business & brand as a proactive first-mover
  • Future-proof your business & property
  • Qualified properties in a designated Disadvantaged Community can receive a significant financial incentive.


Deliver a Premium Customer Benefit

at No-Cost to You

  • PLEMCO installs your charging station at no cost to you
  • PLEMCO oversees the entire process from site evaluation to system commissioning
  • PLEMCO establishes agreements with local utility providers
  • PLEMCO & our partners monitor and maintain all equipment after installation

100% ZERO Down Financing

  1. PLEMCO helps qualified businesses and property owners increase revenue and value by installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at no up-front cost.
  2. INCREASE REVENUE: Offering electric vehicle drivers a convenient place to recharge quickly is a great way to attract new and repeat customers. 89% of EV drivers tend to make a purchase while charging at a retail location.
  3. TIME SENSITIVE INCENTIVES: Electric vehicles are quickly gaining acceptance and momentum. Small business and property owners who get in front of this high growth curve stand to benefit with a first-mover advantage and can use current state incentives to eliminate the cost. This is a time sensitive opportunity that may end in 2021.
  4. OTHER BENEFITS: Attract new and repeat customers & tenants; Increase business revenue; Get noticed in the community by offering a needed and valuable service; Establish your business and brand as a proactive first-mover; Future-proof your business and property; Qualified properties in designated Disadvantaged Communities may qualify to receive a significant financial incentive.


Solutions for Government, Medical & Military

PLEMCO's EV Charging stations can provide solutions for government properties, medical buildings and their employees, as well as military fleet charging installations.

Is My Property a Good Fit

for an EV Charge Station?


While not every location is right for an EV charging station, these are common factors that make an installation successful:
  • The location is a qualified retail, office, or multi-unit residential property
  • The property offers good visibility of the station from a major roadway
  • Ingress & egress to the charging station location is easy and convenient
  • The location offers easy access to electrical and communication service
  • Customers can park & charge in a safe, well-lit location


Ready to Bring This Advantage

to Your Business?

Contact us today for a quick, no-obligation consultation to see if your property & location are a good fit for a cutting-edge charging service for your customers, tenants, or employees.  Call us today at:  (714) 972-1982 



Solar energy installations enjoy similar benefits as lighting efficiency retrofits: reduced electricity bill, as well as incentives from both the local utilities and federal tax incentives.


Lighting control systems

The modern lighting control system is more than just relay panels and hardware. It is a completely digital, integrated system that will lower your operating expenses. By simply turning off unneeded lighting, energy consumption is reduced as much as 40% - 50%.